Our Vision

The Toowoomba Anglican College and Preparatory School aims to provide an enjoyable rigorous learning environment where students will feel safe and secure. Students will receive an education to cater for their skills, needs and aspirations. The principles of faith, leadership, lifelong learning and friendship will always be emphasized and encouraged.

Our aim is that young men and women will emerge as well-rounded individuals able to meet the challenges of the future.

Our Seven Strategic Statements

  1. At TACAPS there is a realisation in each student that they are known, known for who they are and who they wish to become as a person and in their careers.
  2. TACAPS students engage in an innovative and holistic curriculum that prepares them for life after school.
  3. TACAPS is a community of faith and service.
  4. TACAPS values people as the most important resource within the organisation.
  5. TACAPS is a welcoming, accessible, vibrant, family oriented, community-minded school.
  6. TACAPS is a financially sustainable business which provides outstanding people, resources and infrastructure for its community.
  7. TACAPS is known for its active and transparent governance, active external relationships, and culture of risk management and compliance.