Boarding at TACAPS is special.

Boarding affords a unique pathway to personal growth, fostered in an atmosphere of safety and genuine care for the individual. Lifelong friendships are made, opportunities to share and collaborate are provided, life and leadership skills are acquired and hobbies developed. Most of all, our boarders delight in their childhood and adolescence years knowing they are part of a nurturing community who keep their best interests at heart.

At TACAPS, we appreciate that parents have plenty to consider when deciding to board their children. Some decisions may be based on distance, others on a belief that boarding, as a life experience, is worthy in itself to take up.

Once a decision to board is made, parents can rest assured that their child will be supported in a gentle environment with a focus on developing strength and resilience. Mindful of the immense trust placed in us, we consider it a privilege to journey with boarder families in this way and encourage regular contact between the school, parents and students.

A visit to TACAPS will impress. Located within a unique setting, all of our purpose-built boarding houses enjoy outstanding views to the east with easy access to our arts, sporting and academic facilities located within campus grounds.

By design, TACAPS applies a modern approach to traditional boarding. Our College boarding students are roomed separately from primary aged students to cater specifically for the developmental needs of both.

The TACAPS Medical Centre is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week.