At TACAPS, the value of engaging in active pursuits is clearly reflected. Opportunities abound and are part of our regular weekly lives at TACAPS. Staff see engagement in our sporting programs as an extension of pastoral care and the relationships and trust built through these endeavours cannot be understated.

Volumes have been written about the character-building virtues of sport. Every student is expected to be involved in a sport, so we offer a large selection of sports in which boys and girls can participate individually or as part of a team. Boys can choose from: Rugby, Football (Soccer), Australian Rules, Rugby League, Touch Football, Volleyball, Cricket, Basketball, Swimming, Softball, Hockey, Tennis, Track and Field, Cross Country and Ball Games.

Girls may select from: Softball, Tennis, Touch Football, Rugby, Football (Soccer), Swimming, Track and Field, Cross Country, Netball, Hockey, Ball Games and Basketball. Other competitive sporting and recreational opportunities include: Equestrian, Dancing, ‘Have-A-Go’ Cricket as well as Chess. Inter School competitions create the chance for teams to travel to other schools and enjoy the friendships that derive from such activities.

Whether within the school program or as part of our Co-Curricular offerings, we are delighted to see the 'Go Caps' spirit on display.

Sport Handbook - An overview of Co-curricular Opportunities at TACAPS in 2017