College 7-12

Our world is, and will continue to be, a swiftly changing one. Successful young people will be confident in themselves, creative, independent learners, ethical, spiritually centred and emotionally intelligent. They will be effective communicators who are literate and numerate, able to collaborate in a dynamic setting and to operate the ICT landscape of the interconnected and globalised 21st Century. This is what an education at TACAPS is about, supported by a safe and secure environment of high expectations.

The College Years is large enough to offer the full range of academic and pastoral opportunities for students but is also small enough to have a very individually created educational program for each student. Anglican ethos allows for student growth in faith and strong values of acceptance, honesty and compassion and this drives our student welfare philosophy.

The College co-curricular opportunities form an important contribution to student growth and development. Students are encouraged to discover and further develop their abilities in all areas of school life. Many of the lessons of life and social interactions come from experience and our active Outdoor Education program provides those experiences in the College Years. Students develop resilience, teamwork and leadership as they challenge themselves through these programs.

Bringing this breadth and depth of programs together is at the heart of the College Years. The pastoral care, spiritual and personal growth of each student is organically woven through our daily interactions, highlighted by our Chapel and Assembly programs and the genuine care and individual attention of our wonderful staff.

Miss Trina Faint
Head of College Years

Commencing the College Years Booklet