Academic Programs

The aim of middle school is to blur the boundaries between primary and secondary school. With our curriculum we aim to foster our young adolescents’ intellectual development and provide experiences which will enable every student to be creative, to solve meaningful problems, to communicate and collaborate with others, to develop habits of thinking and tools for working. It will also provide opportunities for increased independence and self-responsibility as students begin the transition to senior school and beyond.

TACAPS offers a broad curriculum where students can develop their skills, literacy and twenty-first century fluencies in a variety of learning areas.

With our diverse Curriculum we aim to give students a wide breadth of experiences so that they can discover what they are good at and where their interests may lie. The processes and skills of learning are often as important as the content at this stage.

Students are encouraged to develop appropriate study habits and are supported with scheduled homework and are prompted towards becoming responsible for their own learning.

Year 8 and 9 Subject Selection Booklet

Year 9 and 10 Subject Selection Booklet

Year 10 and 11 Subject Selection Booklet