Gateway to the Future Program

Keeping students engaged in their own learning is one of the most important things for both teachers and parents.

Successful learning occurs when students are engaged and motivated, and when learning activities pique their curiosity, personal interest and increasing level of independence. In order to create learning spaces and activities to not only sustain motivation and engagement, but also stimulate brain growth through the adolescent years, we have introduced the Gateway to the Future Program.

Each year, students will take part in a variety of programs designed to develop higher order thinking with new real world skills. These activities not only compliment and support the curriculum, but also go beyond the classroom to give the students extra real world experiences.

The Gateway to the Future Program outline:

Year 7

  • Leaders and Leading
  • Being Financially Smart – Saving and Spending
  • Robotics, Design and Arduinos
  • Year 8 Leading from Behind
  • Being Financially Smart - Enterprise and Smart Choices
  • Shark Tank – Entrepreneurship

Year 9

  • Learning to Lead and Inspiring Change
  • Being Financially Smart – Earning and Investing
  • Lifetime Project

Year 10

  • Australian Business Week
  • Total Driver Education
  • Work Experience
  • Beyond Year 12 Camp

We are confident that the Gateway to the Future Program will maintain engagement, provide a depth of opportunities in a range of relevant real world areas, give the students a break from traditional forms of learning, and stimulate brain development in areas of higher order thinking.