Pathway Partners and Career Insights

Current students are part of a generation where one in two people will have a degree and individuals will average 15 jobs and five careers over their lifetime. We believe that to help prepare students for life after school, they need to be aware of a range of different workplaces, understand how to work with people of all ages and have experience interacting with adults in the work environment.

Pathway Partners are members of our community who help us provide our College Years students with advice, guidance and experience regarding potential career pathways. During the Career Insights sessions, students select career areas they are interested in learning more about. Here the Pathway Partner will talk with the students about their individual pathway to the career they have now. No two stories are alike, which shows the students that they do not need to have a definitive answer now to the question: ‘What do you want to do when you leave school?’ A Coffee and Conversation session will be arranged for small groups of students who may have similar interests and questions.

During Year 11, students will undertake Workplace Visits to learn more about the day-to-day activities involved in a specific career. Here the students see firsthand what skills, processes and work is used day-to-day. Year 12 students have the opportunity to undertake Internships in career areas that truly interest them. This is an excellent way to not only confirm a decision about future career options, but it may also confirm that it indeed may not be the right choice.