Pathway Partners

Last year, we introduced Pathway Partners, seeking parents from the community who can help us provide our College Years students with advice, guidance and experience regarding potential career pathways.

Current students are part of a generation where one in two people will have a degree and individuals will average 15 jobs and five careers over their lifetime. We believe that to help prepare students for life after school, they need to be aware of a range of different workplaces, understand how to work with people of all ages and have experience interacting with adults in the work environment. It seems that even the professions of the future – that have not yet been created – will still need people who can work with other people!

With that in mind, TACAPS will be hosting three career Insights sessions this term with guest speakers form a range of industries.


Wendy Green – Event Management. Currently at Cobb and Co Museum, formerly at Sony BMG and EMI.

Geraint Hudson – Marketing/Public Relations/Business. Born in Wales, studied Theology at university, worked in Sydney, now a business owner.

Durell Hammond – Agriculture/Business

Alex King - Medicine


Andrew Wielandt – finance and accounting

Terry Bridge – construction/business

David Riwoe – Lawyer

David Lynch – Defence / Government


Andrew Stanley – Policing/Forensics

Kent Gripske – Accounting

Mark Hickman – Government (Agriculture)

Fiona McNicol - Medicine

Mark Robert - Dentistry