Preparatory K-6

Welcome by the Head of Preparatory Years

Welcome to the Preparatory Years! An exciting year is set to unfold for our wonderful students, staff and families and I am extremely proud to know that I will be accomanying you on this fantastic journey. We are steadfast in our belief to create and build upon quality relationships whilst providing the best possible educational and social opporuntunites for the children in our care.

We are in our essence, an Independent co-educational primary school that prides itself on knowing each student for who they are and who they wish to become. The spritual and personal growth of each student within the welcoming nature of the Anglican tradition is valued and promoted through the daily interaction with a caring staff and through the Chapel and Assembly programs presented each week. Well-being of all students is paramount to the success of our school and we continue to meld both contemporary and traditional approaches that ensure well-mannered, generous, tolerant, forgiving, service-oriented children leave our school gates.

The continued focus on the educational needs of our students who will enter an interconnected and globalised world, compels us to continue to attract some of the best teachers in the nation. Teachers understand that it is they who make the most difference to educational achievement in the classroom. The delivery of our curriculum is influenced by contemporary, challenging and innovative pedagogical approaches that tap into the unique potential of each student and are responsive to student needs both in school and in the wider world. Literacy, Numeracy and the use of ICT’s, form the cornerstones of our educational philosophy where the process of learning is valued just as much as the product. Our strategic vision is developing an interest in life-long learning to produce learners who are able to use their learned skills and understandings to communicate effectively in a variety of global contexts. Our educational model is intimate in size and we continue to create a tone where families are seen as integral co-educators within a welcoming, vibrant and family-oriented environment.

The Preparatory co-curricular opportunities build on our well-being and educational goals to provide an integral contribution to the growth and development of our students. Being involved in co-curricular sporting, adventure and cultural activities, provides the real-life contexts that children will encounter outside of school and develops their self-esteem, problem solving abilities, creativity and motivation. In engaging in the co-curricular programs offered in the Preparatory Years, we strive to develop resilient students who understand the value of working with others and the rewards of teamwork.

This is a wonderful school and I encourage both you and our child to embrace each opportunity that is presented with open arms and hearts. I am grateful each day that I have been given the opportunity to lead the Preparatory School and I look forward to guiding and inspiring your child in the year ahead.

Mr Jason Locke
Head of Preparatory Years