Individual Needs

Built on the school’s overarching principle that Every Child is Known, learning programs reflect a diversity of needs and capabilities in our student body. Informed by observation and by evidence, TACAPS teachers work within classrooms and with the support of the Learning Enhancement Coordinator to ensure the best possible learning environment and programming occurs to meet these diverse needs.

The school seeks to cater for the broad academic needs of students, working within the resource levels that are available. When teachers plan, they recognise the variety of prior knowledge, approaches to learning and academic abilities within their classes. As a result, they look to ways in which they might be able to tailor programs that best suit the children in their care. Adjustments to learning programs cater to students of all levels, from those requiring targeted support, through to students requiring extension and enrichment.

TACAPS supports this approach with the specialised efforts of the Learning Enhancement Centre, working in conjunction with class teachers and specialist teachers to identify particular learning needs and provide strategies, programs and differentiation to address these matters.

Our Learning Enhancement Coordinator is supported by teacher’s aides and work in partnership with teachers and parents to make the appropriate adjustments and set learning goals. As part of creating a differentiated program, the Learning Enhancement Centre, also provides opportunities that enrich and expand our students in a variety of areas, including Gifted and Talented programs. This includes adjustments within class and a range of activities and programs designed to challenge and stimulate students thinking and learning.