Lessons Outside the Classroom

An education at our school is not something confined to the classroom. In fact, an education only applicable within the classroom is a missed opportunity. At TACAPS we look to enhance the learning by seeing it brought to life in a wide variety of contexts. This is explored through inquiry and investigation, engagement with the community, and participation in a broad co-curricular and extra-curricular program.

We also know that so much is gained by students through their exposure to learning opportunities beyond the school environment. This self-discovery, development of resilience, courage and demonstration of leadership is a targeted element of our extensive Outdoor Education program.

Students from Year 2 undertake school camps, with visits to bush locations, beach locations, city locations and more providing rich learning contexts. By partnering with providers who are experts in the field of Outdoor Education, students are provided the perfect supportive environment to tackle these new challenges, strengthen peer bonds and build lifelong memories that will enrich their lives as students and as boys and girls.