Pastoral Care

enCAPSulate – Pastoral Care in the Preparatory Years

Pastoral Care is not a program we deliver at TACAPS, it is woven into the fabric of all we do. For this reason, there are many ways in which we seek to facilitate the development of the students in our care. At TACAPS we commit to ensure that ‘Every child is known, and known for who they are’, and this underpinning value sets the foundation for the relationships in our community. Every member of staff is an active part of our pastoral care team and take an active interest in the students, whether they teach them directly or not. Furthermore, students’ ability to know themselves as learners and as young people provides the need to immerse students in meaningful experiences that help enrich, extend and empower them in this regard.

At TACAPS, there are a number of elements that contribute to the framework of Pastoral Care. These elements provide a balance of explicit and implicit teaching reinforced by the school culture and values, both in an ongoing and targeted manner.

Elements of the Framework:

Personal Development

Health Education

Kids Matter

Christian Education

Leadership, Citizenship and Service

Prep Connect and Buddies Programs

Active and Cultural Pursuits

Underpinning this is our core values expressed by the Caps Code:

Total Respect

Always Have a Go

Courtesy Counts

Active Learner

Positive Thinker

Safe and Responsible