Student Life

The school experience at Toowoomba Anglican College and Preparatory School imbues our children with ideals based on the realities of life. These ideals reflect the complexities of the wider community in which our children must live.

Coeducational schooling is natural and critical to developing a sense of

  • balance
  • social responsibility
  • appropriate inter-gender relations.

In recognition of the different demands placed on family units by geographical circumstances:

  • We are both a day and boarding school that successfully blends those student segments into a single, supportive community.
  • Our children come from the broadest possible range of social and cultural backgrounds (including a growing number of overseas students)
  • It is through this rich diversity that we generate tolerance, respect and unity of spirit.

Toowoomba Anglican College and Preparatory School delivers academic excellence and the social, cultural, emotional and spiritual elements necessary for the full and balanced development of the individual.

From the academic to sporting pursuits, from performing arts to service, we value a depth and breadth of offering that enriches the lives of our students and allows for their own personal growth and development. By addressing the 'holistic' needs of the developing child, we create a sound education and a realistic foundation for life.